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2022 Reauthorization

Contact your local congressmen for 2022 Reauthorization of the HCTC!

2021 Reauthorization

GREAT NEWS!  The Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) program has been reauthorized for 2021 and the HCTC AMP program will begin providing the MONTHLY 72.5% subsidy to eligible participants that have returned the NEWLY RELEASED and UPDATED 13441A form to Benistar either by fax (860)409.9010 or by email

October, 2020

Please contact your congressmen and senators and let them know how important it is to reauthorize the HCTC for 2021!

September 19, 2018

announcement with date and time of meeti

If you live in or around Warren Ohio and  are in the Auto Industry, Please join us for a meeting to discuss the HCTC (Health Coverage Tax Credit)

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