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PRE 65 Brochures, Enrollment Information & Forms

Pre 65 Forms & Brochures

Sunset of the Health Coverage Tax Credit

To date, the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) has not been extended and funding continues to not be


POST 65 Brochures, Enrollment Information & Forms

Medicare Forms & Brochures

1.)  Please review the Formulary provided below.

2.)  The BCBS Medicare Advantage Plans INCLUDE a Prescription Drug Plan.  Please review the Benefit at a Glance Document for all 3 plans to determine what fits your needs if you are interested in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

3.)   The Hartford Supplemental Plans can be elected with a BCBS High or Low Prescription Drug Plan.  

4.)  You can enroll in one of the Standalone Prescription Drug Plans that are offered through BCBS.  (You are not allowed to enroll in the standalone Prescription Drug Plan if you are enrolled in a different Medicare Advantage Plan)


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2023 Forms and Brochures




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