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Cone Retiree Healthcare Group is the Nation’s most experienced health insurance agency providing Health Coverage Tax Credit group and individual plans. Our knowledge of this beneficial government program is unparalleled which is why we work closely with the U.S. Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service as well as members of Congress to insure the HCTC program remains available to corporate bankruptcy affected retirees and TAA/ATAA/RTAA workers and their families.  Cone Retiree Healthcare Group began in 2009 by establishing a HCTC qualified plan for Delta Retirees that today has expanded to include all U.S. airlines who are eligible to participate.  We have also established plans in the auto industry by creating a HCTC qualified plan for Delphi Salaried workers and union members and a VEBA trust for anyone meeting the eligibility requirements in the auto industry through the Metaldyne bankruptcy.  Similarly, we formed a HCTC qualified plan for those in the steel industry for former ISG, Bethlehem Steel and other steel workers.  These Trusts have provided  industry groups with access across the whole of the U.S.  We continue to work at state and federal levels to expand the availability of this valuable program for those affected workers and their families. 

Cathy Cone
Founder and President

Meet our Founder:

Cathy J. Cone has represented employees and retirees for over two decades.   Her determination and vast knowledge of the Health Coverage Tax Credit have been essential to the success of this programs existence.  Cathy’s dedication to the individuals and families who have endured hardships due to corporate bankruptcy and foreign outsourcing of jobs has helped to insure thousands of people have quality healthcare while receiving this beneficial tax credit.  Cathy's experience with the rules, procedures, processes, eligibility, program establishment, and congressional support have been a vital part in helping so many individuals keep this program alive.  With her help, many individuals now receive Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision and Dental insurance through the HCTC program that may not have been able to afford it otherwise.  ​

Cathy established the first HCTC Qualified Group Healthcare Plan in the nation and has gone on to establish many others in different industries helping countless people.   Today, she continues her efforts to help with new procedures, processes and other important details required to manage the program.  She will continue to fight for the individuals currently eligible while working to expand the program to individuals and industries that should be eligible for this program.

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