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Please review the Enrollment Book for detailed information on Medicare options!

We have established Group Medical plans for Retirees in the Auto, Airline and Steel Industries eligible for Medicare, regardless of their age, that have worked for any Airline, Auto or Steel Company for at least 5 years and can provide documentation of their eligibility. Unlike the Pre-65 plans we offer, it is not necessary that the former employers have their plan trusteed by the Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) in order to qualify for Medicare group plans established by Cone Retiree Healthcare Group through the Airline, Auto and Steel Industries as well as the Dental and Vision plans.

Retiree Eligibility for Medicare Plans

Eligible retirees have the ability to enroll in the plans offered through the Trust.  You did not have to work for a company that declared Bankruptcy to be eligible to enroll in these plans.


You will find we have excellent healthcare options available to ALL US Auto Retirees through these plans.

Medicare-eligible retirees, spouses, domestic partners, survivors and their families who have worked at least 5 years for one of the companies eligible to participate in the Trust. 


Domestic Partner

Your legally married spouse, including a declared common-law spouse.* Only one spouse or same gender domestic partner may be covered at any time. *Where recognized by the state.

The individual who lives in the same household and shares the common resources of life in a close, personal, intimate relationship with a retiree if, under state law, the individual would not be prevented from marrying the retiree due to age, consanguinity, or prior undissolved marriage to another. An eligible domestic partner must be of the same gender as the retiree. Only one spouse or same-gender domestic partner may be covered at any time

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Annual Enrollment Periods

The Annual Enrollment begins October 15 – December 31 each year.  We recommend you enroll as soon as possible after October 15 to ensure you receive your insurance cards in a timely manner.  Don’t confuse the Trust’s open enrollment  period with the Individual Market’s open enrollment period which is from October 15th to December 7th.  Because this Trust is a Group plan, we are able to extend the annual open enrollment period until December 31st of each year.

Enrollment for New Retirees or Retirees becoming Medicare Eligible 

If you are retiring or becoming Medicare eligible, your enrollment period to enroll in a Medicare plan will follow the same timeline that you would follow if you were enrolling in the individual market.  Your Pre-65 insurance will typically end on the last day of the month prior to your 65th birthday.  You will have up to 3 months prior to your 65th birthday and 3 months following your 65th birthday to enroll in a Medicare plan.  If you do not enroll in a Medicare plan during that time period, you may be subject to permanent penalties from Medicare for not enrolling in a timely manner, so make sure you take the proper steps to get enrolled in the time allowed.

What Can I Change  During Open Enrollment?

  1. Return to Original Medicare from an existing Medicare Advantage (MA) plan if you are currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan

  2. Enroll in Medicare Plan D (prescription drug plan) or move to another coverage level in the Trust

  3. Drop your Plan D coverage if you plan to get your prescription drug coverage through a private insurance provider.

  4. Switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to a different one

  5. Make changes to your Dental or Visions options  available to the eligible plan participants

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It is very important to have the most up to date contact information for Airline Retirees that are eligible to participate in the healthcare programs the Airline Industry offers.   

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Important Reminders for Medicare Eligible Retirees Enrolled in Group Plans

Retirees that turn 65 and continue on group coverage with their spouse or through another company, are not required to enroll in Medicare until spousal coverage terminates or the Retiree leaves group coverage through another plan without incurring a penalty assessment.

Medicare Eligibility Change

Under Age 65 - Your spouse/domestic partners are all eligible for any Medicare Plans offered through the Trust as long as you are Medicare eligible and are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B.  The Secondary Medical Plans are available to Medicare eligible plan participants over the age of 65 only.

Medicare-eligible (over the age of 65) - If you are enrolling in the Medicare medical and prescription drug plans offered through the Trust, each plan participant has the ability to enroll in benefits coverage tailored to their specific needs. It is not necessary for the retiree and the spouse to be enrolled in the same benefit plan.

Choose the Right Plan for You!

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Contained within this section you will find the rates for the various Medical, Dental, and Vision plans that are available to you.   We offer cafeteria style benefits, you have the ability to select each of our healthcare options as standalone plans (Retiree Medical Plans, Medicare Advantage Plans and Dental/Vision plans).  We also offer a Medicare Advantage Plan that includes a Prescription Drug Plan.


In addition, *Dental and Vision must be selected together when choosing these products without Medical or Prescription drug coverage options. They are only offered as bundled coverage.

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     · New Provider!  The Hartford  offers 2 Retiree Medical Plans in 2020.       

       Premium Choice (mirrors the “F” Plan) and Premium (mirrors the “N” Plan)

     · Aetna will continue to provide the same 2 Standalone Prescription Drug   

       Plans in 2021


The Trust offers two (2) options of Retiree Medical Plans through The Hartford, and two (2) Aetna Medicare Prescription Drug plan options (PDPs) in all states where the plans are offered. You decide which, if  any of these plans, best meet your needs. We do not require you to enroll in a “bundled” plan with both a medical and prescription drug plan. We allow you to decide what medical and prescription drug plans best meet your needs, understanding that “one size does not fit all ”.

While The Hartford provides two options for your medical needs and Aetna provides great options for prescription drug plans, the choice is yours, to select a medical  and prescription drug plan through this Trust, or elect a medical plan through another provider.


The Hartford Retiree Medical plans  work with original Medicare to pay for some or all of the remaining balances for Medicare approved services after Medicare’s payment.

The Hartford Retiree Medicare Plans are non-network plans, you have access to any Medicare-eligible provider. To find a doctor or hospital participating in Medicare and who accepts or does not accept Medicare assignments visit


Another important benefit for Auto Retirees enrolling in The Hartford Medicare Retiree Plans through the Trust for Auto Retirees is the coverage for travel, you will pay a $250 deductible and then 20% up to a $50,000 maximum lifetime benefit.




Retirees are eligible to join these The Hartford Retiree Medicare plans at anytime. These group plans offered are age banded. (except the state of Florida where they are banded by age and zip code).  These Plans are always open for enrollment, unlike an individual plan, which has an open enrollment window. 

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The Enrollment form is for all States, with the exception of Florida.




Insured's Age Banded Rates




Total Per Month

Total Per Member

$14.95 Admin Fee already included (plan administration, billing and claims)

Standalone Prescription Drug Plans

4 sup.png



Extra Benefit offered through The Hartford Medicare Plans

Welcome to the enhanced Silver&Fit® Healthy Aging and Exercise program where members will discover a better life balance in a program with flexibility, personalized support, and the following features tailored to meet their unique needs:


One on One Silver&Fit Healthy

Aging Coaching


Silver&Fit ASH Connect

Mobile App


National Network of 14,000+

Fitness Centers


Home Fitness Kits


Member Resources

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The 2020 Coverage Gap (Donut Hole) and what it means for your cost when purchasing Prescription Drugs

The donut hole is a gap in the Part D coverage of your prescription drug costs.  The Initial Coverage Limit (the negotiated retail dollar value of a senior’s prescription drug purchases used to determine when a person enters into the Donut Hole or coverage gap phase of their Medicare Part D plan).

Medicare beneficiaries will enter the donut hole or coverage gap when the total negotiated retail cost of their prescription drug purchases reaches the initial coverage limit that is determined each year by CMS.  In 2021, the donut hole begins when your total out of pocket cost including the cost to your provider is $4,130. -True Out-of-Pocket Costs (the actual dollar figure a person spends to get out of their donut hole or coverage gap, excluding monthly premiums) – The out-of-pocket threshold (or TrOOP) will usually increase each year by CMS.  People who reach their donut hole will receive a discount on brand-named drugs while in the coverage gap.  However, the full retail cost of medications purchased in the donut hole will still count toward meeting a person’s total out-of-pocket expense limit. 


Coverage in the “Coverage Gap” for 2021 is 25% for Generics and 25% of the cost of the Drugs for Brand and Preferred Brand Drugs in 2021.  Once an enrollee reaches the total out-of-pocket limit during the coverage gap of $6,550, they are bumped into “catastrophic coverage.” 


Catastrophic coverage guarantees that once an enrollee has spent up to his or her plan’s out-of-pocket limit for covered prescriptions the person will only pay a nominal coinsurance fee or copayment for their drugs for the rest of the year.  This currently works out to the enrollee paying about 5% or $3.70 whichever is greater for Generics, and $9.20 for all other drugs. 

Medicare’s Program for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan  Costs

Low Income Subsidy (LIS): Social Security  provides the Program for extra help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs, also called the Low Income Subsidy (LIS), for people who have limited income and resources. To learn more about this program, please visit or you can call  Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (available 24/7).

Prescription Drug (Part D) Coverage is Important even for those not currently using Drugs!

Please remember, everyone on Medicare must  be enrolled in a Part D Prescription Drug plan when you become eligible for Medicare, or you will be subject to a penalty that will affect your  premium for the rest of your life, if you fail to enroll in a timely manner. It does not matter if you do not use drugs or you purchase your drugs at a local pharmacy such as Wal-Mart and you only require generics. You must be enrolled in a Part D plan to meet Medicare requirements when you become Medicare eligible.

Enrolling in the Supplemental Medical  Plans and Prescription Drug Plans

To enroll in a Supplemental Medical plan and/or a Prescription Drug Plan, please complete, sign and date the Enrollment forms and return them to Benistar at the address on the form.

Enrollment Form indicating your selections

•Premium Choice Plan(Plan F), or Premium Plan(Plan G)

•PDP High, PDP Low  (or neither)

•Blue Dental/Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental

•Blue Vision (VSP)

A copy of any document(s) providing your employment in the Auto industry for at least five (5) years or your retirement from the Auto Industry.


Medicare Advantage Plans

How They Work...

Are They Right For You?

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What is a Medicare Advantage Plan 

(also called Medicare Part C)?

Medicare Advantage is a plan in which a private insurance company contracts with and is approved by Medicare to  provide covered healthcare services. With this type of plan,  you receive all Medicare Parts A and B benefits and additional benefits in one plan. Two common types of Medicare Advantage plans that may be available are PPOs or HMOs, which work differently than Supplemental plans. If you elect to join an Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plan offered through the Trust, the plan will provide all of your Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance)  benefits and will include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D).

Depending on where you reside, you may be eligible for either the Aetna Medicare℠ Plan (PPO) or the Aetna Medicare℠ (PPO) plan with an Extended Service Area (ESA).


You must continue to be enrolled in Part A and Part B of Medicare to be eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.  In addition, since the Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO  plans offered are group Medicare plans, you have the ability to enroll now or at another time during the year when you experience a life event.  When moving to a group plan you don’t have to wait for the “Medicare Annual Enrollment  Window”.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulate the Medicare Advantage plans and determine the rules by which the contracted insurance carriers, such as Aetna, are required to follow. Your out-of-pocket costs for benefits or services you receive can vary by Medicare Advantage plan. The plans will also have predefined rules for how you get services (for example whether you need a referral to see a specialist, or if you  have to go only to plan-specific doctors, facilities, or suppliers for non urgent care or nonemergency ). These rules can change each year. The two Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO plans the Trust offer are (1) Aetna  Medicare $20 PPO with the Medicare Prescription Drug  Plan 11S3 (High), and (2) Aetna Medicare $25 PPO with the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan 1203 (Low).

This plan offers high-quality benefits beyond Original Medicare.  It also includes special services and programs only available to Aetna members. This plan allows you to see a doctor and/or visit a hospital in or out of the plan’s nationwide network. Covered services received from in-network providers will generally cost less. Our providers have completed a detailed credentialing review process, giving you an additional level of assurance that you are receiving quality care. (A higher cost may apply for covered services received from out-of-network providers.)

Members who reside within the Aetna Medicare PPO network can elect the following options:

•Medicare 20 PPO with High Rx (11S3)

•Medicare 25 PPO with Low Rx (1203)

ma plans 1.png
ma plans 2.png
ma plans 3.png
ma plans 4.png
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ma plan rate sheet 12 1 20  1.png
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Dental Plan

Network  Access Information

With Blue Dental PPO Plus, members can choose any licensed dentist anywhere . However, they'll save the most money when they choose a dentist who is a member of the Blue Dental PPO network.

Blue Dental PPO Network

Blue Dental members have unmatched access to PPO dentists through the Blue Dental PPO network, which offers more than 260,000 dentist locations nationwide.  PPO dentists agree to accept our approved  amount as full payment for covered services - members pay only their applicable coinsurance and deductible amounts.  Members also receive discounts on noncovered services when they use PPO dentists  (in states where permitted by law). To find a PPO dentist  near you, please visit  or call 1-888-826-8152.

1 Blue Dental uses the Dental Network of America (DNoA) Preferred Network for its dental plans.

2 A dentist location is any place a member can see a dentist to receive high-quality dental care. For example, one dentist practicing in two offices would be two dentist  locations.

Blue Par SelectSM Arrangement 

Most non-PPO dentists accept our Blue Par Select arrangement, which means they participate with the Blues on a "per claim" basis. Members should ask their dentists if they participate with BCBSM before every treatment.  Blue Par Select dentists accept our approved amount as full payment for covered services - members pay only applicable coinsurance and deductibles . To find a dentist who may participate with BCBSM, please visit

 Note: Members who go to nonparticipating dentists are responsible for any difference between our approved amount and the dentist's charge.

Vision Benefit Information

Blue Vision benefits are provided by Vision Service Plan (VSP), the largest provider of vision care in the nation. VSP is an independent company providing vision benefit services for Blues members. To find a VSP doctor, call 1-800-877-7195 or log on to the VSP Web site at 

Note: Members may choose between prescription glasses  (lenses and frame) or contact lenses, but not both.

Vision Plan
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high low dental plan 2c.jpg
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high low dental plan 4a.jpg
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3 TRUST 2021 DENTAL 11 29.png
3 TRUST 2021 VISION 11 29.png
3 trust 2021 DENTAL VISION 11 29.png

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