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Police, Fire, Rescue & Public Sector

The mission of the First Responders VEBA Trust, is to establish and maintain quality benefits including medical, prescription drug, dental and vision benefits, at a reasonable cost to its members. The objective of the VEBA is to deliver benefits efficiently and effectively with a focus on providing quality benefits in a cost-conscious manner.

Low Dental Plan Summary of Benefits
High Dental Plan Summary of Benefits

The First Responders, Police, Fire, Rescue and Public Sector VEBA (First Responders VEBA) offers Health, Dental, and Vision insurance for eligible retirees and their families.  Review the information for plan coverages available, premium rates, co-pays, annual deductibles, and coinsurance responsibility each of which impact your total out of pocket medical services cost.  Eligibility qualification and enrollment is administered for all coverages offered by the Trust through Benistar, our Plan Administrator. Benistar handles all plans for medical, dental and vision coverage. BCBS is the insurance carrier for all pre-65 medical plans and no matter the age, for all dental and vision coverage.

Eligible for Benefits

As a First Responder, Police, Fire, Rescue or Public Sector retiree member, you are eligible for the medical/prescription, dental, and vision benefits.  Each benefit is outlined within the benefit guide.



As a Retiree, your legal spouse is also eligible for medical/prescription, dental, and vision benefits. Spouse only life coverage is NOT available. Spouse is not required to have the same medical/prescription coverage as the Retiree if both are individually enrolled in Pre-65 medical/ prescription drug policies.

Surviving Spouse

A surviving spouse is eligible for medical/prescription, dental, and vision coverage.  


Dependent children are eligible for medical/prescription, dental, and vision benefits. The dependent child can remain on the coverage until they are no longer eligible to be claimed as a dependent on the eligible retirees federal income tax return.  A disabled child loses eligibility once retiree becomes 67.

Child(ren) are not required to have the same medical/prescription coverage as Retiree and/or spouse if both are enrolled in Pre-65 medical/prescription drug plans.

A disabled child on Medicare must enroll in the BCBSM Pre-65 Medicare Disabled plan. Child(ren) may have dental and/or vision with or without Retiree coverage.


BCBS provides pre-65 retirees, dependents and surviving spouses, with four health care plans, at the Gold, Silver, Bronze and the Copper level. You have the option to have a bundled plan that includes Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision benefits wrapped into one or you can break out different pairing options if you desire. 

Health Plan Benefits

pre65 medical 2023 bundled.jpg
Bundled options 1-4 listed to the right include Medical, Prescription Drug, LOW Dental Plan and Vision.  Please review the Summary Plan Descriptions when reviewing plans to find a plan that fits your needs.
Pre65 RATES 2023  2022-10-20_13-15-27.jpg
Gold Plan Summary of Benefits
Silver Plan Summary of Benefits
Bronze Plan Summary of Benefits
Copper Plan Summary of Benefits

Dental Plan Benefits


We understand the importance of good dental health. Good oral hygiene is important to your overall health. Regular visits to the dentist can help detect problems like gingivitis and even oral cancer. Plan on visiting your dentist once every six months. First Responders VEBA Trust offers dental coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The dental plan provides a wide variety of covered services – either covered in full or partially by the plan. Members will continue to have the choice to enroll in dental and/or vision which requires an application to be completed.

BCBS provides the Trust with dental insurance for pre 65 retirees, their dependents and surviving spouses.  If you are in a BCBS Bundled Plan, your coverage is automatically the "Low" dental plan.  Dental insurance may also be purchased separately.  There are two dental plans available to you and your dependent(s).  There is a "High" or a "Low" coverage plan option from which you can choose.

Deductible - $50 per member/ $150 for a family   (applies to class II and III services only)

Annual Maximum - $3,000 per member   (applies to class I, II and III services only)

low dental chart for website.png
high dental chart for website.png

* Differences in Class coverage's for the Low Dental Plan and the High Dental Plan

pre 65 dental only   2022-10-10_22-45-14.jpg

Vision Plan Benefits

Your eyes are your windows to wellness. Routine eye exams each year allows your eye doctor to detect symptoms of serious eye disease – such as cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration – and health conditions – such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Caught early, many of these diseases are treatable. However, left undetected and untreated, these conditions can result in vision loss, a lower quality of life, and higher overall health care costs.  The vision plan offers you comprehensive coverage – including eye exams and materials – through VSP, the nation’s largest vision care network, with 27,000 doctors and 41,000 locations. Members will continue to have the choice to enroll in vision and/or dental which requires an application to be completed. The table below provides an overview of the vision plan benefit. For specific details about the plan, please refer to the Summary of Benefits.  To find a VSP doctor, call 1-800- 877-7195 or log on to the VSP website at

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